SensER Unveiled at EDBA Show in New Orleans

ConsensioHealth was proud to unveil its new SensER analytic software at the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance's Innovations in ED Management conference in New Orleans, LA February 15-17th, 2017.  



"As a physician-owned and operated ED billing company, I am personally excited to be able to introduce and demonstrate our proprietary software, SensER, that combines data from EHR, payroll, scheduling, and the EPM software into one place - a physician dashboard that provides powerful and actionable state-of-the-art reporting." (Chief Information Officer and ConsensioHealth co-founder Dr. Eric Adar)


"As an operations and revenue cycle leader, I love SensER's ability to provide me with the drill-downs I need. When I see a denial anomaly or need to know the actual visit numbers that did not get billed, all I have to do is point and click and it's there. I used to spend my life extracting reports into excel spreadsheets and then sorting or seeking and then looking them up separately on the billing software. SensER allows me the ability to stay in one software - one place - for everything!" (ConsensioHealth Vice President Scott Godden)



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