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Improve practice efficiencies with our proprietary, visually-based analytics and reporting tool, SensER.

SensER was built by emergency physicians with the help of data scientists. It gives you everything you need to control your business and nothing else. It leverages your data and is built to let the physician executive optimize financials, provider performance and clinical site performance.

Advanced Heathcare Analytics, SensER

Healthcare Analytics

Physician's Dashboard Healthcare Analytics

Physician executives face a growing challenge, how to consume and effectively utilize the barrage of practice data now available. As the wave of “big data” approaches the shores of medicine, you’ll need tools to collect, securely store, and analyze this valuable information.  SensER allows all your data streams - billing, scheduling, health information managment systems - to talk to one another, and produces metrics which are only possible through tight database integration. In addition, SensER promotes actionable executive intelligence by delivering the power to let data answer questions on the fly; gone are the heaps of static graphs and tables.

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SensER gives you immediate drill down capability by every conceivable data feature. SensER’s drill down capability will enable you to shrink the decision cycle to minutes and allow your team to effect changes on the ground in real time.  

We also believe that the power of artificial intelligence has a role to play in healthcare data analysis. Our platform uses machine learning to zero in on statistical outliers and thus cut down on the field of data you need to search to sort out what are the key changes that affect your bottom line.

Healthcare Analytics

9 Benefits of Choosing SensER
as Your Healthcare Analytics Dashboard


Revenue Cycle Management to Maximize Profits

By combining EHR, EPM and payroll systems to one place for all data, you can make the right decisions for your practice.


Automated Medical Charge Reports

Filter by site, per visit, by month and analyze top and bottom performing providers.


Medical Payer Performance Reports

Filter by payer, type, current versus historical or charges versus allowed.


Analyze Practice Census

View a census count by year, by quarter, by month, by site and analyze with trends.


Medical Level of Service Reports

See trends in level of service by provider, site, CPT for any period of time.


Healthcare Dashboard to Detect Anomolies

See how providers perform compared to acceptable industry margins for high acuity CPTs.


Medical Data Reconciliation

Identify missing charts and charges by drilling down data, reconciling ED logs to encounter logs.


Medical Provider Productivity Reports

Simple, detailed analysis of productivity by site, shift or hour with RVU details.


Health Information Management Analytics

Analyze arrivals, dispositions, orders, interval metrics and length of stay.

Physician Revenue Cycle Management Software

SensER is a technological solution for physician executives dealing with excess data and problems that have to do with running an emergency department billing. SensER was developed by physicians and for physicians.

One problem with ED billing departments are static reports. Someone gives you a stack of printed PDF reports that are supposed to be an analysis of your emergency department. They analyze things anywhere from the productivity of your physicians to the RVUs per hour. You sit there with the stack of reports trying to capture business intelligence to determine an appropriate set of solutions. What you’re getting, however is an excess amount of information that does not help you make informed decisions.

Drilldown of Your Emergency Department Data

The SensER analytics software gives you drilldown capability when you need it. You need to have the ability to apply filters to your emergency department data as it’s being presented to you so you’re able to complete your analysis and make decisions on the fly. Static reports that are printed and put in front of you cannot do that.

Integrate Multiple Databases

SensER combines many databases like electronic health records, scheduling, billing and more which allows you to filter the data – live and right in front of you. As your physician executive committee is meeting, you’ll be able to answer questions on the fly.

Get the Right Data About Your Practice When You Need It

For example, if you have a physician you’re concerned about, you can filter data that only applies to them and see what’s going on. How has their census changed in recent months? How have they been working their shifts over the past few months? How often do they change facilities and sites? What is their EM distribution like? What are their RVUs per hour? How many patients do they see per hour? To be able to reproduce this kind of data for any provider over any span of time can be critical in decision-making.

Healthcare Analytics

with Machine Learning

Sifting through an incredible amount of information even with real-time filtering options to find the correct data is near impossible. This is why we’ve implemented machine learning into SensER. With machine learning, SensER can learn your data and produce more intelligent reports as it learns how your ED operates. Instead of separately analyzing data via filtering reports, machine learning can detect and alert you of anomalies in data saving you hours of analysis.

Contact ConsensioHealth to apply the power of SensER to your practice's operations. For a DEMO of SensER, see our YouTube channel.