Providing Solutions for Independent Physician Groups

Providing solutions for independent physician groups is what ConsensioHealth is all about. We provide full revenue cycle management and data-driven analytics dashboards enabling you to maximize profitability and streamline operations for your independent physician group. The ConsensioHealth team is passionate about serving independent physician groups; making sure you stay viable and independent.

Full Revenue Cycle Management, along with Data-Driven Analytics Dashboards, Provide Physicians with Solutions to Maximize Profitability and Streamline Operations

You’ve seen how the financial performance of private independent medical groups can quickly deteriorate - forcing a distressing, sometimes career ending, decision to sell-out to a competitor or be absorbed by a hospital. Especially in the face of the rapid-fire changes roiling healthcare today, you need to flawlessly execute a robust business model if you plan on keeping your Emergency Department (ED) practice independent. But, you’re a clinical expert: your first priority is providing quality-of-care. The financial health of your practice is critical to your ability to provide excellent care.

What sets us apart?

We wanted to make ConsensioHealth special. Our co-founders lead independent physician groups which created a passion within them to work for other independent physician groups. We’ve seen ConsensioHealth improve metrics for our clients – big and small –positively impacting their bottom line.

When we founded ConsensioHealth, it was our vision to create more than just a medical billing company.

Revenue Cycle Management Services:

Medical Billing Services

From claims submissions to insurance follow-ups, we cover all medical billing areas.

Medical Coding Services

ConsensioHealth are ICD-10 medical coding experts and specialize in coding and audits.

Healthcare Analytics & Physician Dashboard

SensER is an advanced healthcare analytics dashboard for independent practices.

Outsourcing RCM workflow to a third party manager means you get to focus on what you do best: treating patients. As a physician-owned company, we understand the constant push to balance internal financial benchmarks with quality of care. ConsensioHealth handles the RCM process, smoothly managing a carefully designed accounting system to promote a positive patient-first culture.

Consensio Health helps your practice remain viable and independent.

You may have seen how the financial performance of private independent medical groups can quickly deteriorate; resulting in your group being absorbed by your competition. In the face of rapid-fire changes in healthcare today, you need to flawlessly execute a robust business model if you plan on keeping your practice independent. But you’re a clinical expert. Your first priority is providing the highest quality patient care. Making the financial health of you practice as strong as possible is critical to your ability to provide excellent care. This is where we come in. ConsensioHealth focuses on the business side of your independent practice so you can focus on your clinical side.

The ConsensioHealth Revenue Management Cycle Workflow

Claims and denials management, billing & collections, medical coding and accounting for service every step of the way is everything we do: 

  • Post-Service
  • Charge Capture
  • Charge Coding
  • Charge Posting
  • Claim Generation
  • Claim Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • Follow-Up & Appeals
  • Patient Billing & Collections
  • Wisconsin-based Patient Call Center
  • A/R Resolution

For a peek behind the curtain, view our revenue cycle management flowchart.

ConsensioHealth focuses on the business management side of your independent practice – so you can focus on the clinical side.

The Best Medical Billing, Coding, Auditing Talent

ConsensioHealth has assembled an integrative suite of services combining back office support, best practice solutions for physician group leaders and business intelligence software to help keep your practice healthy and independent. We have brought the best talent possible onboard at ConsensioHealth. Whether it’s our certified medical coders and medical coding auditors, our contracting and credentialing team or our stateside AR follow-up team, we have the best people. Our talent shines, providing you the best in service and biggest boost to your bottom line.

Compassionate Medical Billing Collections Services

Our call center is second to none. We’re based in Wisconsin with seasoned professionals that are truly patient-centric. Given the growth of high deductible insurance plans, we understand that collecting from patients is now more important than ever. We diligently collect from patients with compassion and respect.

Healthcare Analytics Software for Clear Data Visualization

Healthcare Analytics Software DashboardOutsourcing to third party RCM vendors doesn’t mean you’re left in the dark on your firm’s performance. We handle the predictive research and data crunching to smoothen your work flow behind the scenes—and you can view results in real-time with our healthcare data analytics program SensER.

Some of the benefits and advantages of SensER RCM modeling software include:

  1. Simply view practice charges
  2. Quickly analyze payer performance
  3. Easily report levels of service
  4. Effortlessly detect anomalies
  5. Efficient health information management

Built by physicians and industry experts, SensER offers a fully integrated data modeling solution to provide a real-time breakdown. Gain an edge in the competitive landscape with access to decades of collective experience identifying and isolating problems within medical revenue management cycles with SensER healthcare analytics software.

Advanced Medical AnalyticsAs a physician-owned company, we know what it takes to get the business side of your emergency and urgent care practices right:

Let the team at ConsensioHealth take the worry out of your day. With the direction healthcare is heading, you'll have a hard time staying in private practice without a profound understanding of the business side of emergency and urgent care medicine.  Let us take the worry out of your day - we'll focus on managing the business side so you can focus on what you went to school for - Practicing Medicine!